"Professional, classy, talented, and a
great asset to WNY bellydance!"
Nadia Ibrahim is a native of Buffalo, New York.  Nadia is of Lebanese descent and has been involved in dance since she was five years old. She is very familiar with the music of the Middle East, Dance Orientale, Lebanese Debkes and other folkloric dances such as the Ghawazee, Cane, Karsilimar, Sudan, Tunisian, Moroccan, Egyptian and Greek. Her career spans over 25 years, not only as a professional performer but also as an instructor and director of the Nadia Ibrahim Middle Eastern Dance Troupe of Buffalo.  A student of "Bobby" Ibrahim Farrah, Nadia was greatly influenced by his dance and choreographic style.  She has studied under other instructors such as Phaedra, Elena, Reda of Egypt, Eddie from Toronto, Yousry, Aziza and Bojenka.
Nadia is passionate about promoting, endorsing and educating the public about Middle Eastern Dance.  She has held key positions in ethnic organizations and agencies such as the International Institute, the Ethnic Heritage Festival Committee, the Niagara Frontier Folk Art Council and the Cultural Committee of the World University Games (1993) where she brought a professional dance troupe from Lebanon to perform. 
Nadia is a classic soloist and has performed in various night clubs, festivals and private parties.  Nadia teaches in Buffalo, New York. Nadia is also available to teach workshops to include zill work, veil, drum and authentic belly dance steps or the folkloric dances mentioned above.  Workshops can include classic cabaret, folkloric dances or both.  She teaches workshops in Western New York, Canada, and throughout the states.
Nadia Ibrahim is pleased to announce that she received "The Best of Buffalo" 2011 "Best Dancer Award", presented to her by Artvoice, during their annual "Best Of" awards which was held at the Town Ballroom on Monday May 2, 2011:
In 2009, Nadia Ibrahim was the proud recipient of "The Best Genre Defying Artist" award, as presented to her by ArtVoice, during their annual and quite well known"Best Of" awards:
(photo courtesy of buffalo.com)

Remembering Bobby:

A Dance Seminar Dedicated to the Legacy of Ibrahim Farrah

April 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2011

Brunch at BellyDanceAmerica (owned by Jehan)
Elena, Nadia and Phaedra
Jehan & Nadia
Kweilin (Bobby's Cousin) and Nadia
Nadia with Mish Mish B'it Amira
Samara & Jehan teaching a routine
Samara, Nadia and Phaedra
Seminar Attendees

Nadia's husband Nick and her three children, Shane, Sara and Nicole, have supported and shared her passion for the dance.
Nadia is available to teach workshops and the Nadia Ibrahim Middle Eastern Dance Troupe is available for performancess and demonstrations. Inquiries are welcome!