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Joe Srouji
Traditional Middle Eastern drummer, working with a variety of wonderful belly dance schools, adding a live drum to their classes and performing along with them in shows across the North Eastern United states and parts of Canada.
The Art of Middle Eastern Dance
The Art of Middle Eastern Dance by Shira is a site that contains many informative links for Bellydancers.
Bellydance New England
Middle-Eastern Dance in New England is a Community Bulletin Board with many informative Bellydance links.
Paul Hajj
Paul Hajj is a Multi-Talented musician. Performs, creates and directs beautiful Arabic music as well as a unique sound of World-Influence Jazz.
Ibrahim Farrah
Ibrahim Farrah is renowned both in the US and abroad as a Master of Middle East/Oriental Dance.
Bellydance Superstars
The Bellydance Superstars is a professional American Bellydance Troupe formed by Miles Copeland. Founded in 2002, the troupe extensively tours North America and Europe.
Phaedra Dance
Phaedra is known for her graceful femininity, yet strong style she has brought to Oriental Dance. Her career has taken her from cabarets, where she performed as a solo dancer and as a partner to Ibrahim Farrah, to the concert stage.
Samara, from New York City. Samara's hallmark style, a blend of serene elegance, spiritual grace, earthy passion, and technical prowess is the result of a life long commitment to Oriental Dance.
Belly Dance America
Wonderful retailer of Middle Eastern Dance Products
Jehan, from New York City. The hypnotic Jehan, has performed from the grand concert halls of the west, to the temples of the Middle and Far East. She presents the passionate beauty of traditional Middle Eastern and multi-cultural music and dance in her exotic shows.
Relativity Belly Dance
American Tribal Style Belly Dance by Diana Miranda-Gaeddert in Buffalo New York. has thousands of party supplies, birthday party supplies and discount party supplies for theme parties, holidays, luau and more.